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About The Cardiovascular Center

Located in the city of Ferrara, The Cardiovascular Center of the University of Ferrara and the University Hospital of Ferrara is one of the world leading centres for cardiovascular research, teaching, treatment.

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The Cardiovascular Centre of the University of Ferrara (for research and teaching) and the University Hospital of Ferrara (for the clinical side) is the only Cardiovascular and teaching centre of the city of Ferrara.

It serves for all cardiovascular diseases of the city of Ferrara (see later) and its Province. It is the hub for treating myocardial infarction by interventional cardiology (primary angioplasty) and complex electrophysiological procedures (ablation) of the entire Province. Saint’ Anna hospital (one of the University Hospital of Ferrara) is just ranked by Newsweek within the World’s Best 300 Cardiolovascular Hospitals for 2023.  Skiantos, a popular Italian rock band had produced a music video together the S. Anna heart doctors and nurses.

Apart from providing daily clinical care to the city of Ferrara and its Province, the centre is known for its excellence in research, which holds laboratories for basic science within the Laboratory for technologies and advanced therapies (LTTA centre) of the University of Ferrara, and is linked to Medical Trial Analysis S.A., an academic CRO.

It is a teaching unit for the students at the School of Medicine of the University of Ferrara. It also hosts the School of Cardiology, involving around 40 residents. In addition, the Center is responsible for three university master courses in i) Clinical Research and Epidemiology, ii) Cardiovascular Prevention, and iii) Coronary and Structural Interventional Cardiology.

The Cardiovascular Centre is known worldwide for its propensity in linking basic to clinical research, according to the principle from bench to bed side and vice versa.


The centre was found 22 years ago by Roberto Ferrari (Emeritus Professor at the University of Ferrara) and now is under the responsibility of Gianluca Campo, Gabriele Guardigli and Claudio Rapezzi.


Thanks to all of this different expertise, the Cardiovascular Centre of Ferrara is providing full range teaching in cardiology, inclusive of prevention, basic and clinical research, as well as modern up-to-date treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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